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Commissions F.A.Q and Art Trades!!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 4:01 AM
  • Listening to: Dido-White Flag

Hello, everyone!! :wave:

Thanks for all the messages that I've been sent wishing me well while I had to go through my nearly-broken-hand issue. You guys are all adorable!! :blowkiss:

This journal is to answer the questions that I've received in a couple notes referring to my commissions. I'm quite sorry 'cause I didn't state these before in my previous journal entry about commishes, but I'm on it now.


ABOUT COMMISSIONS:iconcommissionsopen::iconpointcommissionsopen:

:bulletpink:Do you accept PayPal and Points?
-Yes, I do. For the moment, more points than PayPal 'cause I still have to get that sorted out. I need some help for the PayPal account 'cause I own one for me to make payments, but I am not sure if I can use the same one to receive payments or I have to set up a new one :sweat:

:bulletpink:Can I use your art in my works/website/blog/Facebook/Twitter/whateveryouwannanameit?

:bulletpink:What if I have paid you to make that artwork for me?.
-In that case, yes, but you have to credit me.

:bulletpink:So when I am paying you for a commission, what do I get?.
-You obtain a CG piece done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS3. Also, you obtain the right to do with the artwork as you wish, and that includes using it for graphics, or any purpose that is not profitable. However, I will always ask you to credit me if you're going to do any of these.

:bulletpink:I collect artwork from different artists that I've commissioned. Can I upload the one I've received from you to my DA gallery?.
-Sure!. Go ahead!. Just link back to my gallery when you're uploading the artwork ^____^

:bulletpink:Will you update me with notes throughout the progress of the artwork?
-Yes, I will. I will usually update you on the states of sketching, solid coloring and shading process :nod:


ABOUT ART TRADES:icontradesask:

I usually am the one who asks other people for trades, but still, here are some questions that I've received and a bit of guidance in what I'd be expecting from you in case we agree to make an art trade. Hope you find it helpful!

:bulletpink:Are you open for art trades?
-Yes, I definitely am!^________^

:bulletpink:Will you make an art trade with me?
-Well, that's why I am setting up the "Ask me about Art Trades" icon. I try to do my best with my artwork, so if you're going to make a trade with me, I will expect from you, the same, not higher, quality of work that I am putting my effort on. If I am giving you a CG fullbody with a background, the least you could do is put a background, even if it is quite simple, in your half of the trade. :nod:

:bulletpink:I've asked you to make an art trade with me and you declined... Whys??!!
-Probably because i don't have enough time. I already am struggling with finishing commissions in time and to have them coordinated with my University studies and real life issues. Please note that I have a life apart from DeviantART, and that I am no professional illustrator. This is just my hobby ^_______^. I honestly wish the day had more than 24 hours...

So!!. That's it for the moment. If you have any other questions that you wish to have solved, please send me a note and I will try to clarify the issue to you the best I can.

Have a lovely day, everyone!! :blowkiss:

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